August 18, 2013 by Jess

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary on my macbook, carefree is to be

…free from anxiety or responsibility.”

Wandering the banks of the Clutha River on an early morning back in autumn with the steam rising and surrounded in vibrant colours one could forget the stresses of life. Those carefree moments of skimming stones and splashing the shores were definitely anxiety free. Yet the responsibility of caring for the children in my charge remained.

Central OtagoHowever, watching the children at play brings a clear image of ‘carefree’.

Not a worry in the world as he plays, with doggy companion in hand, in the midst of this magical environment.

lakeside musicTheir ‘carefree,’ worry-free imagination, able to turn the plainest of objects into moments of fun and song.  A pleasant evening on the shore of a lake turns sticks and stones into her toys of choice.

Swings, fields of long grass… all a part of my image of ‘carefree’.  Or as I see it in my own children, the ability to nap anywhere.

seal pup

Or is it more like this seal pup, cheekily exploring the vast shoreline in search of a moments playful fun?

Dunedin BeachesOr what of the surfy life? Hours out in this beauty, breathing the fresh sea air, catching the next big wave.  It would appear as if they have not a care in the world.

Yet for any of us who have lived a bit, we know that life is not exactly ‘carefree’.  We can live moments amongst long grass and autumn leaves, beaches and sunny evenings, where anxiety and responsibility are set aside and one could almost feel like we were back in the carefree days of childhood.  But even in childhood ‘carefree’ can be fleeting.  In fact in some parts of the world it is probably almost foreign. Illness, conflict amongst peers or family, poverty, abuse, expectations are amongst the many factors that clamour to challenge a growing child.

So is this a foreign concept?  Is it something reserved for dreams and fleeting moments?

The fact is, this world is fallen.  Sin has impacted everything. If we are part of this world, it is hard to be free of care for very long at all.  There is a reason to be weighed with responsibility and anxiety, around every corner.  But more than that, there is one greater than this world.  In fact, He is the one who is in the process of redeeming it.  He knows that we live in a world with many troubles and has from the day those troubles first arrived set a plan in motion to restore it all.

crossJesus Christ, came to deal with sin and to lead the way into resurrection life for all who will believe in him.  In dying on the cross he finished all that was needed to bring us to God, but in his patience he is waiting… Now is the time for salvation.  He is awaiting the proclaiming of the gospel to every nation, a chance for people of every tribe, tongue and nation to believe and come to him.  When that is done, he will return and he will restore all things.  Trouble will be no more.

However, there is a now reality to these truths.  Resurrection life starts now for those who believe the good news that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.  In Christ, we become children of God, with all the full privileges of children. Our cares are no longer our cares, because we have a Father who cares for us.  As a young child sleeps carefree, resting in the provision of care from its parent, we too can rest knowing that the ultimate parent of parents cares for us.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:6-7

To be truly carefree one needs to know you are cared for.  Perhaps the images of our carefree childhood are glimmers of a greater hope, a hope of resting in the arms of a Father who cares.

I am so thankful to know the care of my Father in Heaven, but I do need a daily reminder to truly rest in his care.  I need to remember that I can be carefree because nothing else in all of creation can separate me from the amazing love of my Heavenly Father.

To be carefree is to rest in His care.

This post is a part of the wordpress weekly photo challenge.  Have a look at some other interpretations of ‘carefree’ over here.


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  4. Lovely pictures and true thoughts. Thank the Lord for his love and care that allows us to be carefree and to rest in His hands.


  5. I absolutely LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing, the pictures look mystical. Autumn has always been my favorite season, everything from the change in the leaves, the crisp air, the change in wardrobe, and the new flavors of food.

    Rakhi, xx

  6. mithriluna says:

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  7. Wow! amazing job! 😀

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